Written by Helen Robinson

If you’re leasing a commercial property, it is vital that the premises fits the needs of your business.

It might seem an obvious requirement, yet the team at Commercial Matters are consistently contacted by people who find that their commercial lease is not fit for purpose.

Carrying out checks on a commercial property

Whether there is a problem with the terms of the lease or the building itself, finding these problems after signing a Lease can be incredibly costly.

That’s why our expert commercial property solicitors always recommend carrying out a number of checks before committing to leasing business premises.

Check the proposed use of the property

One of the most important checks you will need to make before leasing a commercial property is the use of the property.

You shouldn’t simply assume that your intended use of the property is authorised because the landlord has agreed to it.

Ask for a copy of the planning permission to check that your proposed use is permitted.

You will also need to make sure there are no restrictions on the property such as restrictions on loading and unloading.

If you are unsure whether a property fits your intended use, ask your solicitor for advice.

Make sure the length of the lease is suitable

It is vital to negotiate a length of lease that is suitable for you, especially if you are new business. If the business suffers a downturn, you could be left paying rent on a property long after you have vacated it.

You should speak to your solicitor to discuss whether a short lease with options to renew or a lease with a break clause would give you the flexibility you need.

Check for any costs outside of rent

Before agreeing to a commercial lease, you should weigh up all the costs involved. Check the cost of any insurance premiums involved in leasing business premises and whether you will be required to pay a service charge for the upkeep of the property.

You should also clarify who will be responsible for making repairs to the building. Some tenants can be left facing large repair bills at the end of the lease, even if the disrepair pre-dated the lease itself.

By instructing an experienced commercial property solicitor to negotiate your lease, you can be confident that you will have protection against paying unnecessary costs.

Carry out searches on the commercial property

Many people we speak to are often reluctant to carry out searches when they are leasing business premises.

Although searches can seem expensive, the cost of not carrying them out can be astronomically higher.

Your solicitor can offer advice on the searches you need to carry out before agreeing to lease your commercial property. Finding any serious problems early could allow you to walk away from the lease without incurring unnecessary costs.

Get the right commercial lease with our experienced solicitors

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