Written by Helen Robinson

In recent years, the North West has seen numerous examples of the devastating impact flooding can have on businesses and commercial property.

This has led to the Know Your Flood Risk campaign launching a guide to flood resilience aimed specifically at businesses.

The guide estimates that over 300,000 commercial properties in the UK are at risk of suffering some form of flooding.

Flood advice for business from Commercial Matters

The right preparation when buying a commercial property and once you have set up your business could save you thousands of pounds in the event of flooding.

Make checks before buying a commercial property

There are a number of checks you can carry out before you buy business premises to protect yourself from flood risks.

It is important to consider any prior flooding history, proximity to bodies of water or water drainage ditches.

There are a number of flood searches available that can be carried out as part of your environmental searches. These can advise on your flood risk and provide details on the availability of flood risk insurance.

Check you have the right insurance cover in place

Many business owners will presume that their insurance policy will offer them the right cover in the event of a flood.

However, an estimated 43 percent of small businesses in the UK lack adequate storm insurance cover and making assumptions about your cover could prove incredibly costly.

Check with your insurer that you have adequate cover for storms and floods. You should also make sure that this will cover your buildings, stock, equipment and fixtures and fittings.

Actions you can take to reduce risk

There are a number of actions you can take to prepare for any potential flooding. Taking action early could save vital stock and save your business a significant amount of time and money.

This includes:

  • Raising elevations of equipment and stock or relocating vulnerable equipment to upper floors.
  • Raising electrical points including sockets and telephone connections to a higher point
  • Agreeing emergency plans with staff in the event of flooding.
  • Regularly checking the building for any structural defects through which water could enter the property.
  • Making up a flood kit including key business documents and items including a torch and waterproof clothing.

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