Written by Helen Robinson

The costs of commercial conveyancing explained

As every commercial conveyancing matter is different, providing ‘blanket fees’ for all matters is often extremely difficult.

The type of commercial property and the circumstances of the purchaser can greatly affect the overall cost. Here at Commercial Matters, we’ll discuss the details of your purchase or sale before providing a clear-cut tailored to your individual requirements.

Here, we take a look at some factors which can impact upon the cost of your conveyancing.

  1. What is the value of the property?

The price of the property and the land involved will affect the cost of conveyancing. If you are in the process of buying a large building or a building which is old or unique, there may be more factors to consider in the conveyancing process.

Our specialist solicitors are available to discuss how the commercial property involved will impact upon the overall cost.

  1. How complex is the case?

Commercial conveyancing can be complex and this can often increase the time and cost involved. Where there are many complex legal issues to consider, the conveyancing costs may be affected.

  1. Are there any unforeseen problems?

Unforeseen problems often occur when a person attempts to handle the conveyancing process themselves. It is always recommended to seek specialist legal advice early in the process. This can ensure that you avoid any unexpected legal charges.

Providing your solicitor with as much information as possible will also reduce the risk of any unforeseen problems or costs.

  1. Will there be Stamp Duty, Land Registry and other fees to be paid?

If you are purchasing a commercial property you will also be required to pay Stamp Duty, local council fees and Land Registry fees to cover searches and lodging for title deeds.

These will often need to be paid in addition to any conveyancing fees. At Commercial Matters, we can provide you a comprehensive breakdown of these costs of commercial conveyancing.

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